Collection: Arsante® Tote Bag Handcrafted Full-Grain Leather

Elegance Redefined: Arsante® Iconic and Iconica Tote Bags

Masterful Craftsmanship in Every Stitch

Iconic Tote Bag: Where Style Meets Convenience
Arsante of Sweden's Iconic Tote Bag is a pinnacle of our dedication to superior craftsmanship. Each bag, made from Italy's finest full-grain bovine leather, exudes a luxurious feel. Key features of the Iconic include:

- Short Handles: Ergonomically designed for comfortable carrying.
- Front Pocket: Easy access to essentials, enhancing practicality.

Iconica Tote Bag: The Essence of Minimalist Design
Our Iconica Tote Bag complements the Iconic with its unique minimalist elegance. Retaining the same high-quality construction, the Iconica differs with:

- Longer Handles: Offering versatility in style and functionality.
- Streamlined Aesthetics: Absence of a front pocket for a sleek profile.

Interior Design: Organized, Spacious, and Secure - A Place for Everything
The Iconic and Iconica feature interiors as thoughtfully designed as their exteriors. They boast:

- Capacious Main Compartment: Ample space for daily necessities.
- Laptop Pocket: Securely accommodates a MacBook up to 16 inches.
- Durable Cotton Lining: Combining strength with a soft touch.

Enhanced with Raccagni Zippers - Uncompromising Quality in Every Detail
The Iconic and Iconica are equipped with Italian polished Raccagni zippers, ensuring seamless functionality and more sophistication to these exquisite tote bags.

Artisanal Touch: Handmade in the Nordics - A Tradition of Excellence
Each tote bag reflects our commitment to artisanal quality:

- Handcrafted Excellence: Meticulously made by skilled artisans.
- Preserving Artisan Techniques: Embracing traditional craftsmanship.


Q: What distinguishes the Iconic and Iconica Tote Bags?
A: The Iconic features short handles and a front pocket, while the Iconica has longer handles and a sleek, pocket-less design.

Q: Can both tote bags accommodate laptops?
A: They each have a dedicated pocket that fits a MacBook up to 16 inches.

Q: What type of zippers are used in these tote bags?
A: Both models feature high-quality Italian polished Raccagni zippers, known for their durability and elegance.

Explore the world of luxury and functionality with Arsante of Sweden's Iconic and Iconica Tote Bags, each a symbol of our commitment to quality and Swedish design ethos.