Collection: Arsante® Briefcase Handcrafted Full-Grain Leather Bag

Exceptional Leather Briefcases by Arsante of Sweden

Crafting Elegance Since 2010

Time-Honored Tradition Meets Modern Craftsmanship
At Arsante of Sweden, our journey began in 2010, rooted in the passion for creating not just products but a legacy. Each leather briefcase in our collection is a testament to this commitment, blending timeless elegance with contemporary functionality. Our artisans, based in a Nordic workshop, imbue each piece with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every stitch speaks of quality.

The Essence of Nordic Craftsmanship: Our Leather's Journey
Our promise of excellence begins with sourcing the finest Italian Full-Grain Bovine Leather. This choice of material not only gives our briefcases a luxurious feel but also ensures longevity and a grace that matures beautifully over time.

Unmatched Quality: The Arsante Signature

Iconic Models, Endless Elegance
The Arsante range is deliberately curated, featuring a select few iconic models that embody our ethos of quality over quantity. Each design, from the sleek Arsante Classica Briefcase to the versatile Arsante Classic Briefcase, is an icon in its own right, crafted to cater to the discerning modern professional. The integration of Raccagni zippers in our designs not only adds a touch of Italian elegance but also ensures the utmost functionality and durability.

Raccagni Zippers: A Synonym for Excellence
In our commitment to excellence, every Arsante briefcase is equipped with high-quality Raccagni zippers. Known for their smooth functionality and exceptional durability, these zippers complement the premium Italian Full-Grain Bovine Leather, enhancing the overall experience and reliability of our products.

Handcrafted Precision: A Dedication to Quality
Our skilled artisans, working in a celebrated Nordic workshop, bring to life the vision of Arsante. Every briefcase is handcrafted with an eye for detail and a dedication to perfection, ensuring that each piece resonates with individuality and artisanal excellence.


Q: What makes Arsante briefcases unique?
A: The uniqueness of Arsante briefcases lies in their use of premium Italian Full-Grain Bovine Leather, handcrafted precision, and the incorporation of superior Raccagni zippers for unmatched quality and style.

Q: Are Arsante briefcases suitable for professional settings?
A: Absolutely. Our briefcases, with their elegant designs and functional features, including Raccagni zippers, are perfect for the modern professional seeking both style and practicality.

Q: How do I maintain the quality of my Arsante leather briefcase?
A: Regular cleaning and conditioning with appropriate leather care products are recommended. Store your briefcase properly to protect it from extreme temperatures and moisture, ensuring its lasting elegance and durability.